About Us

Vision Statement

PCR wants to be your first-choice when you're looking for high-value Experiential Prizes, Contests and Rewards for your valued customers, partners, and employees. 

Prizes Contest Rewards (PCR) is the digital sales department of Odenza.com. Our strength comes from the value in offering travel and event ticket incentives

We’re used by some of the world’s most trusted brands such as Microsoft, Pepsi, Hyundai, and have been delivering amazing and memorable vacation packages for incentives to businesses just like yours. Talk to us today and let us show you how we can do the same for you!

Our Team

Our team consists of certified travel agents who work with our partnerships with major airlines, cruise lines, hotels and resorts worldwide to make sure your customers will have amazing travel experiences.

Sodi Hundal

Founder CEO

Jennifer Sarjeant

Travel Consultant

Haley Howatson

Promotions Manager

Yannick Plourde

Customer Service

Pav Sangha

Vice President Marketing

Tetiana Konstantynivska

Social Media Manager

Jiyoung Forbes

Graphic Designer

Vicki Hua

Shipping Manager

Hannu Rauma

Marketing Director

Rene Yeo

Email Marketing Manager

Scott Aksentsev

Account Executive

Darlene Howatson


Robyn Kancs

Business Development

Krystle Manzano

Travel Marketing Manager

Robert Bahia

Travel Team Lead

Our seasoned marketers, designers, and business managers are ready to work with you to help make sure your promotions get the response you're looking for!

EXPLODE Your Profits WITHOUT Increasing Your Ad Budget!

Give Away Vacations & Sporting Events, Concerts or Gift Certificates and receive as much as 10x or 20x return on investment with of the win/win deals we have created on your behalf!

Get your free sample package today!

To win at marketing you need to think differently!

Travel incentives are proven to drive an increase in sales for businesses across a wide range of industries; and with more and more people wanting experiences over material goods, the power of travel incentives and other similar products cannot be ignored.

If you want to know more about travel incentives and the how they can help you hit greater sales targets, get your free sample today.

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