Credit Union Rewards and Incentives

Credit unions are used to promoting why they're a better option than banks.

Gaining new members can be tough, but what if you could offer a signup bonus as a value-added feature?

PCR has worked with a wide array of fantastic credit unions over the years, and we know from experience that our travel incentives have helped them gain new members and increase conversions.

Now, credit unions aren't just interested in attracting new members. As with banks, credit unions can also provide loans to people and companies, regardless of whether they are members or not. One of our previous credit union clients did just that. They invested in our Galveston Cruise incentive program as a reward for borrowers who committed to loans through them. The results were outstanding: they booked loans worth over $4 million within a three-month period.

The travel and cruise incentives we offer here at PCR are powerful sales tools, but they also need to be effectively promoted. To help you, we provide marketing collateral and ongoing support, but the likelihood of success is much greater when you get involved and inspire your staff to understand the value of the incentives you’re offering. 

Value Bomb

Travel prizes come in all shapes, sizes and price points. But how about this for value? 5 day cruise aboard a carnival cruise ship with your accommodation and all your food, entertainment, non-alcoholic beverages and fun included for only $59. That’s $59 for two people!

Credit unions can increase sales by offering travel incentives and travel certificates by giving your valued clients travel experiences that they will cherish for years to come. It’s a great way to get referrals and repeat business! 

PCR takes pride in providing exceptional client and customer service. Our drive to improve our products and services has made PCR the number one choice for travel incentives for businesses just like yours. Get in touch with us today to learn how our incentives could help your credit union succeed.

Make these promotional products and ideas fun and interesting and give your customers a reason to share these promotional items with their friends and family. The right promotional products will offer new customers a reason to try your services and will also help to generate loyalty with existing customers. So, know your audience and plan to offer a promotional product that you know your customers will enjoy or get use out of.

When this is done correctly, these promotional products will increase positive brand awareness about your company and what you’re offering your customers. In fact, an experiment conducted by Georgia Southern University shows that when customers receive promotional items from a company, they have a much more positive image of that company, than one who didn’t offer a promotional item.

 Promotional Gifts Worth Giving

Travel Incentives

Travel is the one gift that creates memories! Rewarding your customers or employees with a vacation getaway lets them enjoy their reward with loved ones, and helps you spread positive feedback about your company to all their friends and family! Think of all the referrals you will get!

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How it Works

You will receive beautiful four colour 8 1/2 x 11 brochures that are sure to impress your customers. Inside of each brochure is a certificate which is date stamped and has a unique identifiable code. Also included is a 1-800 number, and once you hand out the certificate to your prize winner we take care of everything to ensure your customer has a positive and memorable experience from the gift you gave them!

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