Why Advertising Is So Important

An effective marketing strategy is essential to any successful business, but advertising is the lifeblood. Advertising alone is not enough. It is important for an ad to set you apart from your competitors. In addition, your advertisement should appear repeatedly on whatever medium you’re using; whether it’s on television, radio, newspapers, or a poster, it needs to be seen and heard regularly.

One marketing strategy that will help you achieve all of this is to reward your customers with a travel incentive. It will not only motivate people to visit your store, but also encourage them to invest in your product. This will create awareness for your brand. In addition, special promotions, like offering a travel incentive, are ongoing, so your ad is sure to stand out. And lastly, and most importantly, it will make your new, and loyal customers very happy since who doesn’t love a free vacation?

A travel incentive is an effective marketing strategy! Ask Jennifer Lynch, the Marketing Director at Century Federal Credit Union in Cleveland, Ohio. PCR’s marketing team provided her branch with advertising assistance for their credit union promotion, resulting in increased business.


Advertising with the PCR Marketing Team

Jennifer Lynch is the Marketing Director of CFCU’s Cleveland, Ohio branch. Finding an effective marketing strategy can be challenging when you have such an important job. Lynch wanted to increase the number of mortgage and line of credit applications at all of their seven branches by running a summer promotion. Wow, what a lot of work.

Lynch did some digging and found PCR’s Marketing Group. PCR’s marketing team worked hard to come up with an effective credit union promotion as a result of the outsourcing.

Two credit unions offered promotions, one to Orlando, Florida, and another to Las Vegas. 

Both were advertised on television, social media, and in statement inserts. The credit union promotion was also advertised on the homepage and online banking pages of CFCU’s website. The ads said, “What Happens at Century Federal Gets You a Trip to Vegas!” Apply for a qualifying mortgage product to receive a 3 day/2 night vacation package, and the Orlando ads said, “How Would You Like a Vacation to the Happiest Place On Earth?”

PCR consistently promoted the credit union promotion and created eye-catching ads to set CFCU apart from their competitors. The result was a successful credit union promotion and significant profit for CFCU.

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Results and certificates

Over $2 million in mortgage loans were booked in just seven weeks by CFCU. The ads created by PCR’s marketing team were a success, according to Lynch, since they generated a lot of curiosity about the credit union promotion among their members.

Additionally, Lynch stated that this credit union promotion was a unique marketing strategy and different from anything the credit union has offered in the past. Staff members were enthusiastic about it. The credit union promotion was also easy to promote because the travel certificates, provided by PCR’s marketing department, contained all of the credit union’s information. It was simply a matter of bringing the certificates to the customers and handing them over. Mistakes are common so this is an excellent marketing strategy. It is less likely for errors to occur if all the information your customers need is on the certificates. CFCU’s employees just had to inform the customers about the promotion and hand them a certificate designed by PCR’s marketing team. As part of the promotion, credit union certificates informed customers how they could get vacation packages. The company’s main office sent them out to make sure everything was handled on time.

As a result, CFCU gave PCR’s marketing team a 9/10, praising their hard work and dedication.


PCR Can Help Your Business

Would you like to have the same success as CFCU? Offering a travel incentive is a lot easier than you think it would be, and it’s an effective marketing strategy. The process is time-consuming, but by outsourcing to PCR, you can relieve some of the stress. The benefit of this will be financial for your company and beneficial for your customers.

PCR is the leading travel incentive company in the market (according to a Concordia University study), and this is evident by their development of the credit union promotion. PCR’s marketing team has also been honored three times by the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen, which is an independent network of graphic artists and printing professionals.

When you hire PCR to work for your company, you’ll see how great we are and how an incentive program is an effective marketing strategy. Don’t miss this great opportunity.

About the Author David Murton

PCR's Senior Editor, David Murton, writes the blog about travel incentives, marketing solutions, client success stories, and the latest developments within the company. Over the past 3 years, PCR has delivered 3420 promotions to 1140 clients in 43 industries across North America. PCR/Odenza has been awarded the "Pinnacle Club" award for sales excellence by Carnival Cruise Lines three times. He is also a member of Funjet Vacations' "500 Club." PCR is recognized for providing superior customer service, demonstrating expertise in Funjet vacation destinations, and ensuring customers receive the best value.

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