Promotions & incentives for car dealers

With the right promotion, you can increase the amount of foot traffic coming into your dealership every month, and increase your revenue accordingly.  Remember, for every $1 spent you get $10+ in value.

PCR provides quality incentive services that guarantee a positive experience for your customers. The hundreds of positive reviews on BBB, Facebook, and Google Reviews confirm our commitment to customer service.

We have extensive experience in this industry, and we've worked with clients from small town dealers to major auto malls across the US and Canada.

Based on our experience and knowledge of the automotive industry, we know which types of travel incentives will work best to help dealers close sales and attract more customers. Your dealership can gain a competitive edge over your local competitors by offering travel incentives.

PCR's travel & sports ticket incentives have been used by general managers and dealer principals in the past. We have included some testimonials. Discover how PCR's auto clients have achieved success over the years.

There is no doubt that travel promotions remain one of the best ways for auto dealers to get more traffic and close more deals - and they're a great automotive marketing idea.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to running a travel promotion. According to a Concordia University Study, PCR is the number one company for travel incentives.

3 Immediate Benefits:

1. Increase the number of units sold by offering incentives

2. Differentiate your offer from your competitors

3. Increase awareness of your dealership to attract new customers

Tips for Using Travel Incentives

Your dealership can use incentives to boost sales by offering them at the point of purchase. A customer's signature is always the final hurdle to overcome, regardless of how experienced you or anyone on your team is. This is when a travel incentive can do the trick. A free travel offer, even if you're not heavily advertising it, can be a pleasant surprise for someone on the verge of making their decision.

Your reward should feel substantial if you're going to reward a customer for buying a vehicle at your location. Common rewards, such as fuel for a year or a cash-back offer, lack that essential luster. Telling your customer they will win a luxurious vacation if they complete the purchase is a great way to make an impression.

A travel offer made through PCR simplifies the entire closing process. With our ongoing guidance and marketing collateral included, setting up a travel incentive promotion - however you choose to implement it - is simple and stress-free.

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