About Vacation Certificates

PCR provides high quality vacation certificates for all types of businesses. Our product enables you to generate leads, boost sales, and increase referral business.

As the leader in the vacation certificates industry since 1998, PCR has the marketing expertise, vacation rewards, and services you need to turn this critically important part of the sales cycle into your competitive advantage. That is why the top retailers and brands count on PCR’s vacation certificates to engage and inspire online shoppers to visit their stores.

People still want a vacation, and consumers’ desire for travel is at an all-time high. When you use PCR’s vacation incentives you can take advantage of this opportunity and pay as little as 1/10th the cost of travel to increase sales and grab market share.

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As one our recent clients said, “Vacation certificates work well based on the fact that it’s a low cost to us but has a high-perceived value to our customers.” Instead of giving your customer a “hard good” such as an mp3 player or other electronic that they can put a price tag on, travel incentives are an alternative that can make your customer appreciate an experience for years to come.

PCR’s vacation certificates allow you to provide your customers with a meaningful reward that they can actually use. Our goal has always been to provide a quality, desirable vacation certificate with a variety of price points that meet the needs of our retail customers.

The Las Vegas Fly Away N’ Play is by far our most popular vacation certificates

It includes roundtrip airfare for two people PLUS two nights of accommodations in Las Vegas. Feature this vacation certificate in your advertising to get your customers’ attention and close more sales. Vacations are the most widely appealing incentive – everyone wants a vacation, and a complimentary vacation is that much better. Your sales people will close more sales, your customers will enjoy an exciting vacation experience and your business will grow.

PCR has hundreds of vacation incentives available from exotic cruises to luxury resort stays including airfare. Our business partner, Carnival Cruise Lines, offers free food, entertainment and onboard activities for the entire family to enjoy!

Some more about us

  • Providing vacation certificates since 1998, and going strong!
  • PCR invents, creates, and fulfills each vacation certificate – it’s all done in-house
  • Buy vacation certificates direct from the source, and simply get better quality
  • The largest Resort Developers are our clients
  • We will develop unique vacation certificate products to fit your needs
  • PCR Marketing Group is licensed as a travel agency across the United States and Canada


Increasing Your Ad Budget!

Give Away Vacations & Sporting Events, Concerts or Gift Certificates and receive as much as 10x or 20x return on investment with of the win/win deals we have created on your behalf!

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To win at marketing you need to think differently!

Travel incentives are proven to drive an increase in sales for businesses across a wide range of industries; and with more and more people wanting experiences over material goods, the power of travel incentives and other similar products cannot be ignored.

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